The annual "Serengeti Migration" of up to two million ungulates is one of the most spectacular viewings of its type in the whole world; it's known as the greatest animal show on earth. One of the most unique and remarkable scenes where hundreds of thousands of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle migrate from the central plains westwards or northwards in search of water and pasture.

As the Serengeti migration map below illustrates, the migration is annual and peaks in different areas of the park at different times. The migrating herds move in a circular route in a clockwise direction.

Wildlife concentration in different parts of the park depends on the annual migration, which subsequently depend on the unpredictable rainfall patterns. Though we try our best to suggest the best periods for viewing the migration, we can't guarantee the exact period of the spectacular river crossing and exact southern migration through the northern region. But should you be lucky to be in the right place at the right time, you will be able to witness one of the greatest events in the annual wildlife circle.

As the herds move to new grazing ground, they are followed by predators such as lions, hyenas, jackels and hunting dogs waiting for weak prey while vultures soar overhead waiting for their share of the kill

Grumeti area (Western Corridor ) offers great views of the migration between June & July. Grumeti River provides spectacular views of crocodiles feasting wildebeest and other animals crossing the river during migration.

Lobo area is worth visiting during September & October when the migration herds pass by. This area is characterized by green rolling hills and large granite outcrops covered in lushly foliated trees. It has the park's main concentrations of elephants and it is also noted for large prides of lions.

We offer a very attractive program for viewing the migration in Serengeti. We offer both the Grumeti and Lobo areas. Please click here to view the detailed program.

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