There are plenty of good reasons to visit Tanzania-the beautiful coastline, fascination history and magnificent scenery-but for most people one attraction overwhelms all others, and that is wildlife.

Tanzania is Africa’s prime game-viewing country and is best known for its spectacular National Parks. Below we give brief details of all the National Parks (area wise) and main conservation areas, which we feel offer something, that would be of interest to you as a tourist. Some are worthy of visiting as a destination in their selves while others you will be passing through briefly in the course of your traveling from one area to another. Please refer to guide books for more detailed information.

The Northern Circuit:

  Arusha National Park

  Kilimanjaro National Park

  Lake Manyara National Park

  Ngorongoro Conservation Area

  Serengeti National Park

  Tarangire National Park

The Western Circuit:

  Gombe Stream National Park

  Katavi National Park

  Mahale Mountains National Park

  Rubondo National Park

The Southern Circuit:

  Mikumi National Park

  Ruaha National Park

  Saadani National Park

  Selous Game Reserve

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