Mikumi national park occupies an area of 3,230sqkms and is the 4th largest national park in Tanzania. It is probably the most accessible of all the national parks in the country with only a 4 hours drive from Dar es Salaam. Bordering to Selous game reserve on the south and Udzungwa national park in the west, Mikumi plays in important central role in the southern safari circuit. In fact Mikumi is more or less an extension to the vast Selous game reserve and offers similar wildlife, vegetation and other sightseeing opportunities.

The center piece of mikumi is the convergence of animals at the extensive floodplains of the Mkata river. These floodplains consist of open grassland interspersed with patches of acacia woodland and the few baobab, the closest thing on the southern circuit to the Serengeti.

Concentration of Game

The southern extension to Selous game reserve ensures abundant wildlife in Mikumi all year around. The extensive floodplain area along the Mkata river is the main convergence point for animals in Mikumi.

Large predators include: lion, leopard and spotted hyena. Other mammals include: elephant, buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, impala,warthog, waterbuck, reedbuck, eland, greater kudu, sable and giraffe.

Mikumi also supports an abundant birdlife population. More than 400 species have been recorded at the park. Some prominent species include: bateleur eagle, black-bellied bustard, lilac-breasted roller, ground hornbill, yellow-throated longclaw, long-tailed fiscal, fish eagle, white-faced duck and African spoonbill.

Best time to visit

Mikumi is open and suitable to visit all year around. However the best time is during the dry months. Some areas along the Mkata river have black cotton soil and would be unreachable during heavy rains. May to October should be the best months for visiting Mikumi.


Besides the normal game drives in 4x4 vehicles, the national parks authority have recently introduced guided walks accompanied by armed rangers through the areas of Vuma and Ngotikwe Hills. These trips involve 5 to 8 hours of walking through some of the most scenic parts of the park.


Mikumi is definitely the most accessible of all the national parks in Tanzania. The good surfaced Tanzam highway passes through the park making it possible to drive to Mikumi from Dar es Salaam in just 4 hours.

Duration Required

Most of the wildlife at Mikumi is concentrated at the floodplain area of river Mkata and this offers visitors the opportunity of viewing them without having to cover long distances in the park. We suggest 2 nights at the park for optimum viewing.

Our Recommendations on Mikumi National Park

Mikumi’s easy accessibility and closeness to Dar es Salaam makes it very convenient and economical. Packages to Mikumi are amongst the most reasonable compared to other national parks. And considering the abundant wildlife it has to offer, Mikumi is quite an alluring destination. For those who love to go on a safari and see wildlife but are short on budget- Mikumi is definitely the option for them.

Itinerary Suggestions

Customized Itineraries are also available upon request.

Please contact us for a perfect, well-organized and affordable tour of this beautiful park.

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