Lindi is the administrative capital of the Lindi region. It is situated on the western bank of the Lukuledi estuary and is the most developed town on the stretch of the coast between Dar es Salaam and Mtwara. Lindi lay under the Omani rule throughout the 19th century serving as a stop on the slave caravan route from Lake Nyasa. Lindi has a modern layout of streets and few buildings but does not appeal as much as the newly developed port of Mtwara. Many colonial era buildings are still to be found in Lindi but most of them are ruined.

Lindi is connected by road to Dar es Salaam. The 470km road is in quite a bad condition though and is not advisable to pass in the rainy season

Places to Visit

A sightseeing trip of the town and the outskirts is what we would suggest for Lindi. Besides this one can visit the nearby Rondo Forest reserve

Tourists Destinations in close proximity

There are no tourist destinations in the close proximity of Lindi.

Lodges & Restaurants

Accommodation in Lindi is available in small guesthouses only. Below we give options of few who we find would be most suitable as far as quality, service and security is concerned. Contact us for bookings and the best prices.

Our Recommendations on Lindi

Lindi is a good place for stopping when traveling between Dar es Salaam and Mtwara. But it does not have to offer much in terms of conventional sightseeing. We suggest you drive around town and then head on to your next destination.

Please contact us for a reasonably organized and affordable tour of this town.

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