One of the best spots in the Indian Ocean for off shore diving and snorkeling together with the emergence of several up market lodges have made Mafia island an ideal destination for those who seek an exclusive, low-key ocean retreat. Natural vegetation includes mangrove thickets, scrubby coastal moorlands, lowland rain forest and palm-wooded grassland. However the most significant is the marine biodiversity characterizing the waters surrounding the island. Coral reefs and spectacular reef fish found in the warm shallow waters provide the best opportunity for snorkeling and diving.

Mafia is nowadays easily accessible by air from Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam and Selous. There are however no speedboat transfers available to this island.

Places to Visit

Though most tourists stick to the beaches and hotels while in Mafia, there are few excursions one can undertake. Sightseeing trips in the villages of Bweni, Kisimani and Utende as well as visits to the nearby small islands of Chole, Juani and Jipondo.

Tourists Destinations in close proximity

Dar es Salaam city and Zanzibar Island are the closest tourist destinations to Mafia. And there are regular flight connections.

Lodges & Restaurants

A few upmarket and moderate lodges have been established in Mafia to cater for tourists. Below we give options of few who we find would be most suitable as far as quality, service and security is concerned. Contact us for bookings and the best prices.

Our Recommendations on Mafia

Mafia is definitely a haven for deep sea fishing, offshore diving and snorkeling. 2 or 3 nights are certainly recommended for money’s worth of water activities.

Please contact us for a perfect, well-organized and affordable tour of this beautiful island.

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