The town of Mbeya was established in 1927 to service the Lupa gold fields near Chunya. The mining ceased in 1950 but Mbeya went ahead to flourish in the field of agriculture. Unlike other towns in Tanzania, Mbeya has a westernized look and quite attractive because of the Loleza and Mbeya peaks. It is mostly visited by travelers stopping by while traveling to or from Zambia and Malawi. It is a good base for starting safaris to the Southern Highlands.

Mbeya is connected to Dar es Salaam by the Tazara railway line and a good surfaced road.

Places to Visit

There are quite a number of places worth visiting in the outskirts of Mbeya. These include the Mbeya mountain range consisting of 3 peaks; Mbeya, Pungulumo and Loleza. Then there is the Songwe Valley Caves and Hot springs, the Mbozi Meteorite on the slopes of Merengi Hill, Lake Rukwa and the scenic Mlowo falls.

Tourists Destinations in close proximity

Kitulo national park- God’s Garden, is the closest national and easily accessible park to Mbeya.

Lodges & Restaurants

Few upmarket and other moderate lodges are available in Mbeya. Below we give options of few who we find would be most suitable as far as quality, service and security is concerned. Contact us for bookings and the best prices.

Our Recommendations on Mbeya

If you are passing by Mbeya, it will be worthwhile to do some sightseeing in the outskirts of the town. Half a day is enough to cover most of the interesting sites around Mbeya.

Please contact us for a reasonably organized and affordable tour of this town.

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