Mtwara is the largest town in the south coast and is the administrative center of Rovuma region. It offers a springboard for travelers crossing over Rovuma river into neighboring Mozambique. Mtwara boasts of a modern but under utilized port built by the British in 1947 to be used for exporting groundnuts- This however failed to materialize because of insufficient rainfall to sustain groundnut plantations. Today the town is quite pleasant with a busy market and Indian houses and shops.

There are regular flights between Mtwara and Dar es Salaam. One can also drive from Mtwara to Dar es Salaam.

Places to Visit

Excursions from Mtwara can also be made from nearby Mikindani. Msimbati beach, Lake Kitere and Lake Chidya are few of the places worth visiting.

Tourists Destinations in close proximity

There are no tourist destinations in the close proximity of Mtwara.

Lodges & Restaurants

With the exception of one up market lodge in nearby Mikindani, accommodation in Mtwara is only available in moderate lodges. Below we give options of few who we find would be most suitable as far as quality, service and security is concerned. Contact us for bookings and the best prices.

Our Recommendations on Mtwara

We feel it is worthwhile to stay in Mikindani compared to Mtwara. Mikindani is more tourist oriented and has more to offer comparatively. And being quite close, one can always make a day tour of Mtwara.

Please contact us for a reasonably organized and affordable tour of this town.

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