Kigoma provides the largest port and the most important transport hub on the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika. This small town in the far western part of Tanzania was once the regional administrative center for the Germans. And a railway line was established in 1914 linking it to the coast. Today Kigoma is characterized as the most developed town on Lake Tanganyika with old German architecture buildings. It is located on a valley, surrounded by beautiful hills rising from Kigoma bay. The lakeshore provides the best views of sunsets on the lake.

Kigoma is an important transport hub. There are air, rail and road transport to most of the parts of the country. And there are also boat transfers available to the neighboring countries of Burundi, Congo and Zambia.

Places to Visit

Most of the excursions in Kigoma are focused on the Lake. The hundreds of small fishing boats lit by small paraffin lamps provide a “ low-lying fire flies like” nocturnal spectacle on the lake. Excursions can also be made to the nearby small historical town of Ujiji, where one can see the remains of the slave trade route and the Dr. Livingstone memorial. Lake Tanganyika is famous for Chichlids. Snorkeling and diving will be very interesting.

Tourists Destinations in close proximity

Gombe Stream and Mahale Mountains are the closest national parks to Kigoma and are easily accessible. Both these are chimpanzee sanctuaries housing some of the last remaining chimpanzees in the wild.

Lodges & Restaurants

With the exception of one up market lodge, the others are all in the moderate category. Below we give options of few who we find would be most suitable as far as quality, service and security is concerned. Contact us for bookings and the best prices.

Our Recommendations on Kigoma

Kigoma is a very interesting small town both in history and beautiful sceneries, but quite remote and relatively expensive to reach. You will most probably be touching in Kigoma if you will be touring some of the national parks in the west. We recommend you spend at least one night in this town if you are going to visit parks in the western circuit.

Please contact us for a perfect, well-organized and affordable tour of this beautiful town.

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